FENX Labs was originally built to work exclusively on a private, personal portfolio but now has opened up our strategies, proprietary frameworks, tools and team of experts to work selectively with founders in driving scale and exit value.

After years of starting, scaling and exiting startups Mac Lackey and his family decided to allocate significant assets to their passions… most notably startups and social causes. To do this the family created two vehicles:

The first, based on personal mission, was starting a community called ‘The FENX’ (based on an inspiration from his mentor) to support and inspire individuals and entrepreneurs to RISE to their full potential.

The second was a private holding company comprised of a portfolio of startups and investments which was supported by a team of experts where our historically successful frameworks and strategies could be used to maximize the portfolio’s value.

However, shortly after formation many friends and associates in our network started asking for access to our strategies and were looking to deploy similar resources…. Given this demand FENX Labs was born. So what was originally created as an internal platform we (on a very limited basis), now offer our programs to work directly with select founders and investors.

In addition to a set of proprietary tools and frameworks used to build and sell our companies, we have assembled a SWAT team (a tight network of global experts offering point solutions in digital marketing, customer acquisition, ecommerce, branding and growth hacking to work directly with our clients and partners).


An entrepreneur for over twenty five years, Mac Lackey has built and sold five companies and raised over $75 million dollars in capital. He and his startups have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USAToday and The New York Times.


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companies sold

mac Lackey has built and sold five companies and raised over $75 million dollars in capital.


mac lackey is a serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience.


mac lackey co-founded and ran a technology company that grew to over $100m in revenue.